Contactless hand disinfectant auto dispenser
with video information screen

Smart digital sanitizers for Retail, HoReCa, office and government centres and other businesses

How to strengthen the security level for your visitors? How to improve the offline attendance?
Now these are topical issues for nearly all organizations and businesses all over the world.
At the same time it is important to deliver information to customers supremely fast while printing of new posters and creatives takes too much time.
This can be avoided when using our reliable professional system which:

- solves a disinfection issue;
- delivers automated information including advertising;
- saves your time and money;
- you are only focused on making money.
Smart Digital Sanitizer made by Smart Century company becomes your turnkey effective solution!
Made in Russia
At the end of December, 2019 the world started getting the news of a new virus.

As early as January, 30th, 2020 WHO officially confirmed the outbreak of the new coronavirus as a public health emergency of international concern.

On February 11, 2020, the disease was called COVID-19. According to the forecasts of German virologists, in the absence of protective and preventive measures, the negative consequences can drag on for many years.
Smart Century team decided to help the world to prepare for the prevention and protection of the spread of existing and new viruses in crowded places: shops, offices, cafes and restaurants, government facilities, fitness clubs, etc.
This holistic solution pays for its acquisition and maintenance
We are a business and we understand that simply adding expense to solve a problem is not effective. Sooner or later, everything that generates only consumption ceases to work and develop.

That is why in our solution the Digital Signage system was originally incorporated.
DS is a system that makes it possible to sell ad slots.
Digital Signage is your remote access
to digital devices and content management on them.
The customer also gains a competitive advantage for consumers,
as the level of security of the customers is dramatically increased.
Production solutions from Russia
Supporting and involving of Russian production will make it possible to quickly restore financial and economic activities for domestic enterprises and contractors.

These enterprises in the chain will resume the necessary payments to their employees - those in turn will go to public places with desinfectors and release money back into circulation, which will lead to stabilization of the country's economic system.
BUT.. How does it work?
1. The antiseptic automatic spray zone is triggered by the proximity sensor.
2. While spraying an antiseptic, an IR sensor measures the temperature of the user.
If the accepted norm is exceeded, the terminal will notify you of the need to consult a doctor and check for symptoms.
3. During processing and in standby mode the video screen broadcasts information and advertising materials to the visitor using additional targeting tools or due to a specific schedule.
4. The system has got a liquid level sensor with an alert when a specified balance is reached for replenishment.
At customer's request it is possible to configure an alert to the guard post.
Our estimated time of the procedure
is 5 - 12 seconds. This period of time is enough to convey advertising information.
Non-contact measurement of human body temperature
A monitor with high brightness and detail quality for displaying video and graphics with control centre through a Digital Signage solution (centralized management of content from the office).
Optional - the ability to make the monitor touch.
Drain pan
Zone with motion sensors for automatic spraying of disinfectant liquid.
Optional - the ability to replace the backlight with a UV lamp
A special protected stand for personal items - during the processing of hands.
The color of the case can be painted in any color of your choice and it can also be done according to your branding.


Face recognition technology allows using Digital Signage system not only to attract more attention of the target audience, but also to interact with customers at a deeper level through targeting. So, you can show individual messages to customers, segmenting them according to the criteria you need using the programmatic technology - purchasing ad impressions in real time on the basis of an auction.
The height of the case can be reduced to fit the needs of children, or increased depending on the task.
An individual project with the possibility of changes in the Smart Digital Sanitizer - at your request.
Coffee stand
Dimensions (WхHхD) mm 400 х 1700 х 400
Basic Price: 99 000 Rubles
mm 400
mm 1700
mm 400
As far back as the middle of the 19th century, the Austro-Hungarian physician Ignaz Philippe Semmelweis was one of the first propagandists of handwashing as a disease prevention measure.

According to a study by staff at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, if all people washed their hands regularly and correctly, up to a million deaths could be prevented annually.

Hand washing is important for health care as you can stop the spread of acute respiratory viral infections, coronaviruses and other infectious diseases.

Smart Century team is confident that a non-contact hand disinfector in crowded places will be as effective in supporting public health as hand washing.

Our solution allows you to quickly distribute, apply and use the system with a benefit for business and convenience for consumers.
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